The Lookout Point Clubhouse offers a variety of dining experiences for our
members, and ranges from an informal meal in the bar after a round of golf
to a formal dinner in our dining room. The casual yet elegant atmosphere of
Lookout dining lends itself to business as well as pleasure, snacks as well
as a gourmet dish. Have a drink on our hillside patio and enjoy the
picturesque view of the rolling hills below and Niagara Falls in the

Our cuisine caters to a variety of tastes and diets, as our extensive menu
changes each season and features locally sourced ingredients as well as
special monthly dinners that allow our members to indulge in delicacies
like lobster or to relish the unique flavours of tapas. Our dining
experience covers everything from sweet blueberry pancakes to succulent,
grilled tenderloin.

Make yourself at home in the Clubhouse - we’ll take care of the dishes.